About Us Video

*🎬About Us 🎭*

Unique Theatre Company is an extraordinary company of artists that aspire to promote community integration through the arts. They are dedicated to providing a venue where persons of all levels of ability can learn and express themselves through art, playwriting, acting and more. Unique Theatre Company is comprised of aspiring and/or working playwrights and actors who have an interest in giving voice to persons with disabilities, as well as changing current cultural perceptions of what it means to be a person with disabilities. As of the date of this video, Unique Theatre Company is the only professional theater company in Buffalo NY of it’s kind. For more information please follow us on Facebook, check out our website UniqueTheatreCompany.com, call us at 716-243-8889, or email us at uniquetheatrecompany@gmail.com. 🎬🎭


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