About Us


Proudly owned & operated by Beth Geyer & Vienna Laurendi Haak, Unique Theatre Company is an extraordinary company of artists that aspire to promote community integration through the arts.  They are dedicated to providing a venue where persons of all levels of ability can learn and express themselves through art, playwriting, acting and more.  Unique Theatre Company is comprised of aspiring and/or working playwrights and actors who have an interest in giving voice to persons with disabilities, as well as changing current cultural perceptions of what it means to be a person with disabilities.

Beth’s role besides being a co-founder/ owner has been focused on play development & directing. Through her twice a year writing workshops, she helps identify the stories that can be made into plays and she is constantly looking for existing plays from new playwrights that may need further development. Her favorite role has been as Director of the past two productions. It is thrilling to see actors grow and learn and begin to understand stage direction, sound and music cues and is always amazed at how it all comes together. She looks forward to discovering new talent in the writing and acting arena so Unique Theatre Company can give them some stage! The way Vienna sees it, Beth’s ability to mold her cast to reflect the writer’s feelings and true intentions is second to none. Beth has a natural connection with each character that ultimately allows her to not only match the best actor to each role, but to also develop each character beyond even the writer’s original expectations.

Vienna, in Beth’s eyes, is one of those rare individuals that every day you say to yourself, ‘how did I get so lucky to find her?’ Vienna actually found Beth though, after auditioning for and securing a part in the Parent Network’s production of ‘Always October’ that was written by Beth alongside Wanda Wilson and Mary McLaughlin. ‘Always October’ was such a success that she decided, alongside Beth, to start their own theater company.  Her organization skills and attention to detail make Vienna the perfect business partner. She is stellar at keeping the back stage easy to maneuver for the actors, takes care of reservations, and more importantly is constantly giving pep talks to those in need. Vienna is a critical and important part of Unique Theatre Company …much of it could not be done without her!

Together, Vienna & Beth make quite the pair, at times finishing each other’s thoughts & ideas, allowing one another to grow and stretch both as artists and bosses, and remaining true to the core idea behind UTCO’s conception.  Give everyone that wants their voice heard, their turn on stage.

2 thoughts on “About Us

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