FACE IT – Crucial Crew Members

Crucial Crew Member Profiles
Engelic Everett & Nick Cacciotti – Writers
Engelic is a very ambitious young woman. Not only has she written the play Respect (Act 1 of FACE IT) she is now currently working on children’s books that speak about relevant topics such as bullying. In the past she has been co-owner of her own fashion design business. She is very popular throughout People, Inc. and now a regular at Unique Productions. She participates in the writing groups offered and has been very easy to work with on the script Respect. We are very proud to have helped her play come alive on stage and look forward to working with her in the future.
In all of life, people tend to gravitate towards the person who can make things happen for them. Nick Cacciotti is one of those people. He has made many things happen for many people. As one of the leaders of the People, Inc. Guys Group, he was able to take some guys and travel cross country in an RV! An unprecedented task in the field we work in. Act 2 of FACE IT, Day Tripper, was Nick’s first attempt at writing and also a huge success. Not only did he provide an excellent script, he was our house photographer & videographer, helping UP! archive all of the magical moments. We are sure that you will be hearing more about Nick as he is always thinking UP! new ways to challenge people to live their life to the fullest thus making him a great advocate for people with all identities.
Beth Geyer – Director
Beth’s role at Unique Productions besides being a co-founder/owner has been focused on play development. Through her twice a year writing workshops, she helps identify the stories that can be made into plays and she is constantly looking for existing plays from new playwrights that may need further development. Her favorite role has been as Director of the past two productions. It is thrilling to see actors grow and learn and begin to understand stage direction, sound and music cues and is always amazed at how it all comes together. She looks forward to discovering new talent in the writing and acting arena so Unique Productions can give them some stage! Beth’s ability to mold her cast to reflect the writer’s feelings and true intentions is second to none. Beth has a natural connection with each character that ultimately allows her to not only match the best actor to each role, but to also develop each character beyond even the writer’s original expectations.
Vienna Laurendi Haak – Stage Manager & Actor
Vienna is one of those rare individuals that every day you say to yourself, ‘how did I get so lucky to find her?’ Vienna actually found Unique Productions after auditioning for and securing a part in the Parent Network production of Always October. Always October was such a success, she decided, with Beth to start a new theatre company. It was Vienna who actually gave the name to Unique Productions. Her organization and attention to detail skills makes Vienna the perfect business partner. She is stellar at keeping the back stage easy to maneuver for the actors, takes care of reservations and more importantly is constantly giving pep talks to those in need. Vienna is a critical and important part of Unique Productions…much of it could not be done without her!
Crucial Crew Member Profile – David Licht
David Licht is an author and owns is own graphic design company. He is the lighting man. Even though it was his first time ever doing lights, he did a great job. As for the play, he commented that he’s never seen such a great a diverse cast in play.  Thank you David!
Crucial Crew Member Profile – Nick Stroczowski


Nick Stroczowski was a last minute addition to the Face It team as the sound man. We were in a crunch, and Nick answered the call. He has his own film production company called Brothers and Sisters. Since he began working with the group, he said, “My gears started turning about how I can start working more with people with special needs, this experience has been so inspiring”. Thank you, Nick, for joining our team.

Crucial Crew Member Profile – Dave Schwartz


Dave Schwartz is one of the lighting men from Face It. He volunteers his time to helping those in need frequently. Beyond lighting, he’s good with film, he hosts his own television show, has written a couple sci-fi books, and is just plain old fun to have around. Thanks Dave!

Crucial Crew Member Profile – Barbara Wallace


Barbara Wallace is interning at People Inc. and is going to school for Theatre Arts at NCCC. She is hoping to go to school for cosmetology. What a perfect fit for helping Face It’s characters out with their make-up! Barbara, thank you for volunteering your time!

Crucial Crew Member Profile – Ilene Garrison



Ilene has been a great support of this year’s production, Face It. She is doing everything from volunteering, helping to create props for the show, motivating cast (including her son Matt G.), and assisting Vienna when needed with costumes.  Ilene feels that Unique Productions and Face It is an excellent opportunity for all the cast to participate in the community doing something they’re passionate about and she is excited about how this years production turned out.

Thank you Ilene!